Sunrise Photography Company Ltd: Blog en-us c Dawn Meier Sunrise Photography Company Ltd (Sunrise Photography Company Ltd) Wed, 26 Apr 2017 08:16:00 GMT Wed, 26 Apr 2017 08:16:00 GMT Sunrise Photography Company Ltd: Blog 120 120 Meadow Pond - Spring on your wall! Spring is a ways off yet, but this art piece, Meadow Pond, will chase your winter blues away! You can have it in whatever size you wish! Visit my art website, DawnWerx to see more! This beautiful home was built by JR Wilson and Co.


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From Dated to WOW! This home was TRANSFORMED from dated to WOW! by Clarice Maidment of Home Image Interiors The fireplace was updated with gyproc, wood cladding, and a modern insert. Clarice and Vance-7Clarice and Vance-7 New windows to the floor bring in a lot of light. The wall was removed between the kitchen and the dining room, and a window installed overlooking the back yard. Look at that great wine rack! The kitchen wall was removed and replaced by a large island. The dated spindles were replaced with glass, and the stairs were refreshed with wood treads and white risers. Clarice and Vance-8Clarice and Vance-8 The large, dark cabinet in the bathroom was removed, and the entire space was brightened with white cabinetry, light flooring, and white tiles. Clarice and Vance-5Clarice and Vance-5 This house now looks like a brand new, modern home! Thanks to Clarice Maidment for the "before" images.


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India Project I was thrilled to be invited to India to photograph the aid work of Destitute 2 Destiny. Although I no longer work full-time in humanitarian aid, my heart is still full of compassion, especially for marginalized women and children. A charity under the umbrella of Hope for the Nations, D2D is passionately committed to improving the lives of the poor and oppressed.   

In the past few years, D2D has provided water wells, invested in education, planted gardens, empowered women with micro-enterprise, helped keep girls in school, and other vital projects.  For more project photos,  click hereA life-transforming well! In addition to visiting these projects, we chose a new, compelling issue to tackle on this trip: the woeful lack of feminine hygiene education and products available to girls and women.  Our research uncovered a shocking, hidden problem - up to 23% of girls drop out of school due to a lack of sanitary wear, either due to unaffordability or unavailability. We decided to tackle this problem from two sides. First, an amazing group of ladies in Kelowna got to work, sewing washable, reusable sanitary pad kits. Thanks to their hard work, we were able to take 340 kits to distribute, accompanied by much-needed education on feminine reproduction and hygiene. Some of the women, even many who were married and had children, had no idea of the purpose of their periods, their reproductive systems, or how it all worked.

D2D workshops full res-99D2D workshops full res-99                                     Destitute to Destiny founder, Carol Jones  D2D workshops full res-55D2D workshops full res-55 D2D workshops full res-54D2D workshops full res-54 D2D workshops full res-95D2D workshops full res-95 D2D workshops full res-24D2D workshops full res-24

D2D workshops full res-50D2D workshops full res-50 Secondly, our generous donors provided the funds for us to purchase and disburse 41 sewing machines - enabling 41 women to start sewing to support their families, and provide sanitary pad kits to their own market. The women would make payments for the machines into a co-op, with the funds to be used to purchase more machines, creating a perpetual project. Linda Hayes, a professional seamstress from Kelowna, taught the women how to sew the sanitary pads and liners. Everyone loved her humorous style of teaching!

D2D workshops full res-67D2D workshops full res-67 D2D workshops full res-131D2D workshops full res-131 D2D workshops full res-82D2D workshops full res-82 D2D workshops full res-86D2D workshops full res-86 We even did one workshop by lantern, and then cell phone light after the power went off! Thankfully, most of the sewing machines could be used both with electricity AND treadle. The power goes off regularly in India, sometimes several times a day, and you never know when it will come back on. D2D workshops full res-114D2D workshops full res-114 D2D workshops full res-110D2D workshops full res-110

D2D workshops full res-111D2D workshops full res-111

Our team of three - Carol, Linda, and myself, travelled throughout India, teaching seven workshops in five areas.  It was quite the adventure - shopping for fabric in torrential rain; many hours of travel by train, plane, car, and subway; teaching with or without electricity; and surviving the traffic chaos. So many precious people!  We're hoping we made their lives a tiny bit better!

D2D workshops full res-63D2D workshops full res-63 D2D workshops full res-69D2D workshops full res-69 D2D workshops full res-132D2D workshops full res-132

For more photos of this project, and the workshops, click here.



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Ginormous Shower! As well as boasting another beautiful kitchen by Clarice Maidment of Home Image Interiors, this renovation project included the most unusual and ginormous walk-in shower I've ever seen! And some really nice tile detail in the laundry room!


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Humanitarian Aid Photography I worked full time in humanitarian aid for 9 years, and my desire to take better photos of our overseas projects is what led me to learn photography!  Even though I no longer work in the field, I'm still passionate about seeing people's lives improve. I've photographed projects for charities in Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda, Zambia, Cambodia and India. Here are a few of my favorite photos.  You can see more of my charity photography here.

  If your charity needs photos to promote your cause to your donors, click on Contact and send me a message!  I'd love to photograph your projects!


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Glenmore Credit Union AWMAC (Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada) asked me to photograph this project by Top 40 Woodworking of Kamloops. Love the orange and blue colour scheme!

Credit Union for Top40-1Credit Union for Top40-1 Credit Union for Top40-6Credit Union for Top40-6 Credit Union for Top40-7Credit Union for Top40-7 Credit Union for Top40-13Credit Union for Top40-13 Credit Union for Top40-2Credit Union for Top40-2 Credit Union for Top40-8Credit Union for Top40-8 Credit Union for Top40-12Credit Union for Top40-12

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Luxury Beach House My favourite style is minimalist, and this beach house is an elegant example with it's monochromatic palette and tasteful decor. Another great build by JR Wilson and Company. Francis -44Francis -44 I had to stand on 3-level high scaffold to shoot this twilight exterior (photo and scaffold courtesy of my handsome assistant/husband that night) Francis -33Francis -33 Francis Beach House-1Francis Beach House-1 Francis Beach House-2Francis Beach House-2 Francis -40Francis -40 Francis Beach House-9Francis Beach House-9 Francis -38Francis -38 Francis Beach House-16Francis Beach House-16 Francis -36Francis -36 Francis -45Francis -45


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BNA Brewing & Eatery = Eclectic Heritage! BNA Brewing Co. & Eatery was named after the original occupants of the building, The British North American Tobacco Company, who used it to dry tobacco leaves and roll cigars in the early 1900's. This unique restaurant brews their own craft beers on site!  It's menu is almost as interesting and varied as it's eclectic decor. It even has a bocce court! The renovation was done by Worman Construction; the wood furnishing built by Castello Custom; and the interior design by owner Carolyn Nixon and Tamara Jones of Forme Interior Design.

BNA 25BNA 25
BNA 39BNA 39
BNA 14BNA 14
BNA 20BNA 20
BNA 24BNA 24
BNA 18BNA 18




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Live in the Skye! This condo is in the best location in Kelowna - walk to the beach, the bird sanctuary, great restaurants, shops and parks. 1706 Skye -31706 Skye -3 Amazing lake, parks, city and mountain views. 1706 Skye -111706 Skye -11 1706 Skye -11706 Skye -1 How would you like to wake up to this every morning? 1706 Skye -71706 Skye -7 Granite countertops and Kitchen Aide appliances 1706 Skye -41706 Skye -4 1706 Skye -51706 Skye -5 1706 Skye -91706 Skye -9

Amenities in this high-security, luxury building include a pool, two hot tubs, BBQ, yoga and fitness rooms, putting room, large fireside great room with library, bar and billiards lounge, covered deck, heated underground parking and storage.   

1706 Skye -171706 Skye -17 If you are looking for a fabulous new home, this one's for sale!  Check out the full listing here


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Cheerful Guest House This cute guest house has a happy vibe, created by fun colours and furnishings.

Living room and dining area with a queen size hide-a-bed in a gorgeous turquoise.  An ottoman holds the pillows and quilt, and does double duty as a coffee table and a comfy footrest. The vintage arm chair has been painted black and reupholstered. 
Pale gray walls provide a neutral backdrop for the lime green dining chairs and the pink desk.
Sleek, white, gloss cabinets and closet hide a microwave, a hot plate, dishes and cooking utensils. 
Roomy bedroom with a white gloss dresser and closet.  Ocean blue accent wall frames the headboard and night tables with simple white lamps.
Cute bathroom with a vessel sink and large modern faucet.  Walk-in tiled shower is not shown. 

Inviting yard, set for swimming, sun-bathing and al fresco dining.


If you're coming to Kelowna (or you have friends/family visiting) you can stay in this cute guest house!  Click here for details and reservations  or contact me


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Quilter's Paradise How many women dream of a custom hobby room? Clarice Maidment of Home Image Interiors created this haven for a client who loves quilting. Quilt Room-1Quilt Room-1 Custom cabinetry and moveable crafting table Quilt Room-2Quilt Room-2 Perfect cubbies for all the fabric and bins. Quilt Room-4Quilt Room-4 Here's the back side of the moveable table, with adjustable shelving to accommodate her trays and supplies. Quilt Room-3Quilt Room-3 Large, custom built sewing table, flooded with natural light. Quilt Room-6Quilt Room-6
I'm sure this client will spend many happy hours creating her quilts in this cozy space!


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Favorite Bathroom! Of all the great homes I've photographed, this is my favorite bathroom ever! I loooove the black and white. I've been thinking about painting my ensuite bathroom white, and this is the confirmation I needed. This homeowner chose purple as her pop of colour but it could be changed up in minutes to whatever you feel like that week! Interior Designer Clarice Maidment from Home Image Interiors  Black and White bathroom Long trough sink Here's the before picture (courtesy of Home Image Interiors) Great transformation, Clarice! Thanks for the inspiration!


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Retro meets Rustic With the owner's amazing collection of vintage radios as a jumping-off point, Interior Designer Tamara Jones of Forme Interiors merged rustic with retro to create an interesting, inviting store for Public Liquor

Public LiquorVintage radio collection inspired this blend of retro and modern design
Staggered old-school lights run down the center of the store
Public LiquorStaggered old-school lights
Striking black and red logo and glossy tiles contrast with the wide-plank wood floors and working juke box
Innovative use of wooden pallets
Public LiquorStencilled pallets create an interesting ceiling
Vintage bar as a sampling counter
Public LiquorVintage bar tasting counter
Visit Public Liquor by the Four Points Sheraton Hotel across from the airport, specializing in local wines and craft beers.


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Let There Be Light! Who wouldn't want to work in this light-filled, bright office?  Glass walls ensure that the light travels to every corner of space, and modern furnishings and fixtures create a fresh, contemporary style. It's home to PSP Canada, the administrative office for its Canadian operations. The business markets and distributes Relationship Awareness® assessments to coaches, consultants and organizations across Canada. The assessments are used for coaching, in leadership & organization development, team building, change and conflict management. 

 MS Budd Construction renovated the office space; PS Interiors designed the space; Begrand Fast Interior Design designed the glass walls; and Clarice Maidment of Home Image Interiors designed the cabinetry, which was built by Innovative Cabinets.



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Greywolf Golf Clubhouse is a jewel in a spectacular alpine setting. Greywolf Golf Course's new multi-million dollar clubhouse at Panorama, BC  fits perfectly into it's stunning mountain setting. Featuring natural materials, the post-and-beam construction soars to 25 feet high in the Cliffhanger Restaurant. The beautiful, custom woodworking by Cranbrook Interior Woodwork, the massive windows, and the floor-to-ceiling local stone fireplace all contribute to the "wow" when you walk in the door. The internationally-acclaimed, award-winning  alpine golf course now also features underground cart storage, club storage, full service locker rooms, and a 2000 square foot Pro Shop. Congratulations to the team - Architect: BKDI, Interior Designer: Robin of Equadesign, Woodworking: Cranbrook Interior Woodwork, Builder: New Dawn Developments, and consultant Richard Haworth

Golf, anyone?






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Would you paint your bathroom black? Not everyone has to guts to paint their bathroom black, especially one without a window.  Will it look like a cave? A dungeon? Small? Dirty?  Take a look and see what you think! Black Bathroom 2Black Bathroom 2





























Entering from the hallway, a deep white round vessel sink sits atop the custom concrete-clad, floating, curved counter. Under the counter is lit at night for those midnight forays.  The large, curved walk-in shower is tiled floor to top with square, white tiles (as seen reflected in the mirror), with both a rain head, and an adjustable shower head. On the right are double cupboards and drawers, to hid away all the bathroom paraphernalia. Ceiling pot lights, and white glass light fixture over the sink provide plenty of light.

Black Bathroom 1Black Bathroom 1


The view from the shower entrance shows the tall custom curved linen closet. Black Bathroom 3Black Bathroom 3





























A countertop - to- ceiling mirror reflects the decorative niches above the toilet.  The chrome faucet, tap, and light fixture are all mounted onto the mirror for a clean, modern look. 

This space started off as a standard beige 40-year-old bathroom that you've seen in a multitude of homes - a counter top running down the right side with a toilet at the end, and a bathtub with those horrid glass sliding doors on the left. The homeowners cleared it out to the drywall and created this stunning, upscale bathroom. Not at all cave-like!


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Are you dreaming of being pool-side? We had our first snowfall yesterday, and I'm sure I'm not the only one dreaming of summer sunshine and lounging by the pool!  Check out this beautiful Kelowna home with it's amazing POOL recently listed for sale - next summer it could be YOU floating all your cares away...

Gorgeous herring-bone design hardwood floors and soaring 18' high ceilings with massive windows all the way up! The gas fireplace is open to both the living room and the dining room of this open concept home.

Large family-style kitchen with honey maple cabinets opening right out to the pool! Unique diagonal-patterned tile flooring. 

































Look at the craftsmanship on the stair flooring detail!


Perfect quiet reading nook or playroom or office space upstairs.  Door leads out to a covered deck boasting a  timber pergola. Note the unique diagonal pattern is repeated on the ceiling!

Here's one of the four full bathrooms, with the same unique tile design detail.

Master bedroom has it's own private balcony overlooking the pool and the garden, a four piece ensuite, and a gas fireplace for those romantic winter evenings.












And here's the pool! Extensive brickwork, stonework and landscaping make this backyard a luxury retreat! (This photo was contributed by Realtor Shawn Worsfold)

For full details on this beautiful 6 bedroom, 4 bathroom home with a huge family room, further information including more of the realtor's photos, and his contact information, click here.  Happy floating!











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What's your bedroom style? When it comes to the bedroom, do you prefer the comfort of country; contemporary luxury; traditional elegance; or bold and sexy?

Vote for your favorite in the comments below!


Country - This cozy bedroom is a guest room at Lindon House, designed by Suzanne Petti.

BrentviewPentictonforNiina-7BrentviewPentictonforNiina-7 Contemporary - Master bedroom beautiful modern design by Niina Di Lorenzo

Elegant - Master bedroom at the Fawdry Show Home in Wilden. Designed by Janice Fawdry.

Sexy - Master suite and furniture design by Dawn Meier, construction by Chief Stone Construction Ltd. Abstract art by Dawn Meier


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Wine Room Becomes Art Interior Designer Niina Di Lorenzo's high fashion background and design flair turned this Penticton home into a chic show place! Every room looks like it stepped out of a magazine, mixing comfortable livability with elegant decor. Her creative inspiration to install a window in the family room turned the wine room into art! Home built by Brentview Developments.






BrentviewPentictonforNiina-2BrentviewPentictonforNiina-2 BrentviewPentictonforNiina-4BrentviewPentictonforNiina-4


BrentviewPentictonforNiina-11BrentviewPentictonforNiina-11 BrentviewPentictonforNiina-10BrentviewPentictonforNiina-10

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Hope I look this good when I'm 109 years old! Built in 1905, grand old Edwardian home Lindon House has been immaculately restored, retaining all the charm of yester-year with modern amenities artfully blended in.  It exudes the love and warmth of it's owners, Don MacDonald and Linda Scott-MacDonald. The expansive grounds, including a tiny chapel and a cozy gazebo, create a lush backdrop for this gem of a heritage home.

 Sid Molenaar of Integrity Services (Project Management) and Suzanne Petti (Interior Designer) did a fabulous job bringing to life the vision Don and Linda had for Lindon House. Available for parties, weddings, corporate events, concerts or intimate gatherings - you will not find more gracious hospitality anywhere! To view more photos of Lindon House, click here.
















































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